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See the Offices Where They're Trying to Build the Hyperloop

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Hyperloop Technologies Inc., a company working on coming up with an actual workable design for the futuristic, pneumatic-chute-style, totally theoretical invention that would allow people to zoom between Los Angeles and San Francisco in 35 minutes while enclosed in aluminum pods—has leased out 6,500 square feet just south of the Arts District, and has promised the landlord they'll expand into more of the space over time, says the LA Times. (Wait, they've got an office now? The hyperloop must be happening.)

The location of the Hyperloop World Headquarters was strategically chosen "in part so Hyperloop could be around artists and designers and other creative types in a space big enough to build large-scale hardware." Hopefully, the inspiration of the Arts District, with its combination of waning grittiness and high-end coffee, will help kick this entirely theoretical Hyperloop project into gear.

Hyperloop Technologies is one of the companies working on an actual prototype for the Hyperloop, which is the brainchild of SpaceX and Tesla's Elon Musk. Though Musk is not involved in the Hyperloop company (officially, anyway), he projected back in 2013 that it would probably take up to four years just to get to the demo phase, so even though they still have to do a ton of inventing and testing, it's not like Hyperloop's really behind schedule?

It looks like Hyperloop Tech is planning on expanding their company rapidly. According to the owner of the space near Santa Fe Avenue and Sacramento Street, Hyperloop has committed to eventually leasing out 38,000 additional square feet in their building and a nearby space over the next year. They're also looking to more than double their full-time staff of 20, advertising for 29 jobs on their website. The company has raised about a third of the $80 million it needs to even build a five-mile test track. Now all they have to do is figure out how to make a Hyperloop.

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