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SoHo House Coming to the Arts District, Bringing Rooftop Pool

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The rumors are true: ritzy private club SoHo House is moving into 80,000 square feet of space in the Arts District. Well, that does it: the AD's fancification is unstoppable and it's basically Manhattan now. Club founder Nick Jones tells The Hollywood Reporter that the space will be called, unimaginatively, SoHo Warehouse, because it'll be in a warehouse. At least this new location will learn from the lessons of its lamer, pool-less sibling on the Sunset Strip: not only will the Warehouse have a rooftop pool, but it's also going to crack down on letting so many classless non-members slip in.

UPDATE 3:30: SoHo is spilling over into the SoHo Warehouse because the Strip location has gotten so packed; members were bringing way too many non-member guests to events held in their event spaces ("a wrong element," a source close to the club tells THR). The WeHo club has thus "banished" those event spaces and is replacing them with a Mediterranean-y restaurant and a "club within a club" called Sunset Lounge that will have music in the evenings.

Over in the AD, in a nod to the neighborhood's roots, the Warehouse will also feature "artist studio rooms where you can stay for a period of time — a couple of weeks, a couple of months," according to Jones. This is, of course, only open to artists who happen to be members. (Annual dues at the WeHo branch are said to be around $1,800 a year, so that would only work for non-starving artists.)

The exact location of this new arm of the expanding SoHo House empire is not known. Previous murmurs about SoHo in Downtown had centered on a brick warehouse at 405 Mateo Street, right by the Fourth Street Bridge, but SoHo says that's not the place. Bummer, too, because that would have been right up the block from the fancy, open-air mall that's headed that way. If anyone's got wild speculations about where SoHo House might be opening, ideas where it should have rented in the AD, or legitimate intel, please let us know in the comments.
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