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How Nightmarish Is the Coachella Housing Search Right Now?

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When the cheapest weekend pass to a music festival starts at $375, it's clear that it's going to be a bleed-you-dry kind of weekend. Coachella lives up to the expectation, because even after the tickets have been purchased, there's the small matter of finding somewhere to sleep during the three-day festival. The LA Times finds that hotel prices in the area are up more than 70 percent for the first Coachella weekend (April 10 through 12) and nearby rentals start at $669 a night. Has Coachella become "an exclusive orgy of spending and celebrity sightings"? Of course it has. Here, the heartbreaking costs of finding shelter at Coachella:

—According to a survey of multiple hotel-booking sites, nightly hotel rates for places within a 10-mile radius of the event are averaging $454 a night for week one of the two-weekend festival; for week two, rates drop slightly to $396.
—Even within 30 miles of the venue, the rooms that are left average $473, about 75 percent more than last year's average of $270 a night.
—The good news is that any rooms are available at all. At this time last year, every hotel room within a 10-mile radius was booked; this year, 33 percent of available rooms are still left.
—Nightly rentals are up to $669 a night for week one and $662 for week two.
—But right now, "only 12% of the rental properties within 10 miles [are] still available for the first weekend."
—Here's where the value lies, because rentals are actually 16 percent cheaper than they were last year, since more people have decided to cash in on Coachella fever and list their homes for rent.
—One homeowner put his place up for rent for the first time this year because he'd have to be a dope not to: "You can make so much money, so I said why not give it a try. Everyone is just flocking here. You can just name your price."
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