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Of Course Silver Lake's Dog Poop Signs Are Clever, Stylish

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Silver Lake has come up with an artistic solution to a crappy problem. There are droppings everywhere at the off-leash Silver Lake Dog Park; apparently, some people who go there are jerks who don't care what everyone else steps in. That's hard to fix. It's easier to just up your signage game, and since this is Silver Lake, it was decided that maybe charming, aesthetically-pleasing signs—something that speaks to Silver Lake in its own creative language—would better persuade people to scoop that poop, reports Eastsider LA.

It took a lot of work, but after "several rounds of community meetings, a 'Keeping It Clean sign contest, city staff report and two votes by Board of Recreation and Parks Commissioners," five of the strongest candidates were chosen to be posted in the park. There's no date for installation mentioned along with the Rec and Parks approval of the signs, but hopefully these artful reminders will succeed where less cool signs have failed.

· Silver Lake gets creative with dog park pick-up-the-poop signs [Eastsider LA]