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Here's Former LA Mayor Villaraigosa's New House in the Hills

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Remember Antonio Villaraigosa? He was mayor of Los Angeles mayor for eight years, from 2005 to 2013? He wanted to plant a million trees? He's the main reason the city has a bunch of rail lines under construction? Anything? No? Well, anyway, he bought a new house, shortly after announcing he won't be running for Barbara Boxer's Senate seat. Maybe he thinks he'll get into Hillary Clinton's cabinet or something, maybe the Democratic machine is too locked in behind Kamala Harris, maybe some consultant thinks it's a problem that he works for a potentially illegal herbal supplement pyramid scheme, who knows.

Oh right, so, the house: a sale closed about a week and a half ago; according to Redfin, Villaraigosa paid $2.500001 million for the three-bedroom, four-bathroom house in the Hollywood Hills, which comes with "every iconic LA view," plus the coveted view hammock, along with an art studio, patios, skylights, and a double-sided fireplace. The LA Times first reported the sale.

Just after he left office, Villaraigosa was rumored to have bought a house in Venice, but he was apparently only renting. He was last living in an apartment all the way out in Santa Monica, and besides the Herbalife and various other gigs, collects a $97,832-a-year pension from the city.

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