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Paris Hilton Takes You Inside Her $325k Dog Villa in Bev Hills

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When Paris HIlton returns home from wherever her latest DJ gig has taken her, she is rushed by a pack of small, fluffy, heavily-breathing dogs who, ecstatic to see her, sprint out of an Italian-inspired (?), two-story dog house or yap excitedly from its tiny balcony, as documented by a video on Hilton's Instagram (and spotted by our pals at Racked LA). Stories about the puppy palace first started circulating in 2009, when Hilton revealed in a Life & Style Weekly interview that the 300-square-foot dog house cost $325,000.

Yes, that might seem excessive, but consider that the house does have a balcony, clay roof tiles, and a black crystal chandelier, and that it comes appointed with "designer furniture." For the record, the median home price in LA County was $481,900 at the end of last year, so this place in Beverly Hills was kind of a steal.

Love coming home to this!

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