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Justin Bieber Being Sued For Spitting On, Egging Neighbor

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You can only spit on your neighbors and engage in early evening egg assaults on their homes for so long before the law catches up with you, Justin Bieber. One miffed ex-neighbor—there are probably many; the reckless-driving, loud-partying Beebs is basically a nightmare to live next to, by most accounts—has filed a lawsuit against the entertainer for assault and battery committed when Bieber lived in their Calabasas neighborhood, says US News. (He's since sold his house there to Khloe Kardashian.) In addition to being spit on and brutally egged, the neighbor says Bieber caused him "emotional distress" with all that loud partying and dangerous driving. The neighbor and his wife are suing for "unspecified damages in excess of $25,000."
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