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Here's the Warehouse That'll Become the LA Derby Dolls Home

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All-lady roller derby team LA Derby Dolls used to call Historic Filipinotown home, but when their landlord started talking about putting some condos up on the site of The Doll Factory (as the team's digs are called), the Dolls knew it was time to search for a new home. It's taken about a year, but it looks like they found it: Eastsider LA says that the Dolls are moving to a big warehouse on Alhambra Avenue near Valley Boulevard in El Sereno. Though located on a fairly commercial strip of street, the new venue is less than a mile from Cal State LA, so it's not exactly in the middle of nowhere.

In addition to roller derby, the Dolls have used their facilities in the past to host community events, as well as classes in roller derby for youth and adults. Though the 31,000-square-foot building is smaller than their former home (50,000 square feet), it will allow them to continue such programming, says a statement on their website.

The new Doll Factory will open to the public on May 16, when it hosts its first of many roller derbies.
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