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Five Bad Ideas For the 15-Acre Site of Downtown Los Angeles's Dead NFL Stadium

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Plans to build an NFL stadium in Los Angeles die all the time, for all kinds of reasons (usually because they're stupid, though), but Farmers Field was kinda special. It's the only proposal that would've taken up 15 acres right in the middle of a revitalized Downtown Los Angeles, adjacent to the weird and unpleasant Times Square knockoff known as LA Live, where it would be used less than a dozen times a year. It died last week after five years in various stages of health, from "most promising plan in decades of trying!" to "third place after something in Carson," but developer AEG (which also owns LA Live and Staples Center) has promised to come up with a new plan for the site. Using the magic of terribly amateurish Photoshop, we've created renderings for a few suggested uses:

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Farmers Field

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