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Los Angeles is Suddenly a Major Spring Break Destination?

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Terrible theme bars of Los Angeles, brace yourselves: A survey of hotel reservation data by AAA found that Los Angeles is the number two destination for spring breakers, right after Orlando, FL, says the LA Times. This was a huge jump for LA, which was way down in sixth place in last year's survey. Wait a minute—Orlando is number one? How old are these spring breakers? Are Disney theme parks the cool thing for spring break now?

How old indeed: another survey by online booking site Priceline found that Las Vegas was the number one destination for college students on spring break. Sure, they could be using different data and/or methodology, but what if it's not college-aged spring-breakers who are coming to LA? What if it's just a bunch of kids and their parents? Gross. (That would make sense, considering AAA's survey found that the third most popular destination was San Diego—home of Legoland and a sweet zoo.) Haven't they heard that LA is a major disappointment according to the Internet?

At least it seems like Angelenos might be clearing out for this influx of tourists. AAA says that many SoCal residents are jumping ship for Mexico or Hawaii this spring.
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