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South Bay Stretch of Western Avenue Could Get a More People-Friendly Makeover

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The quest to make Los Angeles streets greater (for people rather than cars) has been quite active in the South Bay and now a segment of Western Avenue that divides San Pedro and Rancho Palos Verdes, long congested and uninviting, is bringing together people from both cities in an attempt to make it more welcoming. SP and RPV are getting to work soliciting community feedback on a complete-streets-inspired set of design guidelines and improvements that'll make it easier to bike or walk down Western, writes the Daily Breeze.

Part of the plan for the roughly 2.5 miles of Western, between Summerland Avenue and Palos Verdes Drive North: bike lanes and wider sidewalks, both of which local planners say can be added "by either narrowing the median or traffic lanes," without fully taking away those precious lanes for car traffic or parking. Also on the table are design guidelines that would help keep things visually neat in an area that's split between two clashing types of signage and landscaping (one for RPV, one for SP), creating a visual "mishmash" that just isn't doing it for planners.

Planners are hoping the makeover will also help out businesses along the street—one planner from RPV imagines future shops that are "closer to the sidewalks with parking in the back for a more pedestrian-friendly and attractive look." Rules like these will be especially important as the ownership of the storefronts changes hands over time and buildings are remodeled or rebuilt, ensuring that future generations of building are a little more unified in appearance. Don't stop there, guys! You don't even have a pocket park yet!

All of these proposed improvements would fit into what's being called the Western Avenue Corridor Vision Plan. It's hoped that both SP and RPV can agree on a final plan by the summer, at which point the process of finding the money begins.
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