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Devo Member Unloads His Restored Richard Neutra House

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After a breezy less-than-two-months on the market, Devo member Gerald Casale just sold his landmarked Richard Neutra home in the Hollywood Hills for $3.4 million, slightly below the asking price of $3.5 million. Although the 1936 Kun House is not as beloved by fans as later residences by the Modernist architect, Neutra once called the cruise ship-like home his favorite of the period. The international style three-bedroom house with wraparound and roof decks also might be the world's only house to be meticulously restored by a 1980s rockstar. Casale bought the 1,700-square-foot pad for $2 million in 2007, and then spent seven years replacing any elements added after the 1930s, so now the home comes with period cabinetry, fixtures, windows, and doors.

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