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33-Story Tower Could Rise Right Next to Grand Central Market

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Sometime in the near future, Grand Central Market could be resting in the shadow of a 33-story high-rise. The planned project, from developers Equity Residential (Jia Apartments in Chinatown, Altitude at Howard Hughes in Playa del Rey), would stand right over the entrance to the Pershing Square subway station on the northeast corner of Hill and Fourth, and would hold 428 residential units. At ground level, the tower would also feature nearly 2,900 square feet commercial space. The property is now occupied by a parking lot and a small taco spot, says Urbanize LA.

The historically mid-rise Historic Core is about to have a growth spurt, especially where towers over 30 stories are concerned. There are plans in the works for a 38-story tower at Sixth and Main, a 34-story tower at Fourth and Broadway, and a 40-story tower near Fifth and Spring by the Spring Arcade. There's also been talk of the Angels Knoll green space across the street from Grand Central possibly being razed for a skyscraper, though that project is still less of a plan and more of an idea at this point.
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