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The New Look at the Most Depressing Starbucks in America

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The people demanded change at the so-called "most depressing Starbucks in America," and today, a newer, less dreary coffee outpost has arrived. The Starbucks just east of York Boulevard and Figueroa Street in Highland Park—a conversion of an old burger stand—was barely open when the company promised to remodel following an outpouring of distaste for the design, which centered around a bathroom door. After just six months, it closed for renovations last month. And now, feast your eyes on this new, fantastic tour de force of dark wood and outdoor seating!

When the sad Starbucks shuttered, the company promised it would reopen with a beautified outdoor seating area and a trellis, as well as more pedestrian access points. The trellis, seen along the western side of the structure, has been installed and will probably provide some nice shade once it's covered by flowering vines or a length of canvas. The exterior, now clad in wood and various coffee-like shades of paint, is visually more in step with pretty much every other Starbucks than the previous hue (putty) was. The redone space is more open and has probably doubled its seating capacity, so it might just have to give up that "most depressing" title.

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