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Huge Spotlights Will Light Up the LA Sky From Echo Park to Santa Monica This Friday

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For one night, the entire 26-mile route of the LA Marathon, which starts at Dodger Stadium and runs all the way to Santa Monica, will be lit up by spotlights pointing up at the sky. The installation will use 124 spotlights that together will be as bright as 29,100 light bulbs, and the whole thing should be visible from "high vantage points around the city," says LA Weekly, quoting a statement from race sponsor ASICS.

It will take 85 people to set up the lights at 27 locations along the marathon course—a lot of work considering they'll only be on from 8:40 pm to 10:15 pm this Friday night, but it's worth it if they look as badass as this official rendering does. The giant pillars of light will hopefully also remind people where they probably won't be able to drive on Sunday morning during the marathon.
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