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LA Throws Out Both Private Bids to Run the Greek Theatre

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There's never been a dull moment in the months-long, claws-out battle to run the Greek Theatre in Griffith Park, but this tops it all. At a meeting today, the Recreation and Parks Commission threw out both private bids to operate the venue—one from the dynamic duo of LA Live owner AEG and veteran Greek operator Nederlander, and the other from Made In America festival producer/mega-concert-promoter Live Nation. Now Rec and Parks is getting ready to hear more about running the theater itself, reports the Daily News.

The possibility of the city taking over operations at the 86-year-old Greek was only officially introduced to the public two weeks ago, after things got messy with the private bidders and Rec and Parks started talking about scrapping the entire bidding process, which began last year. At first, Rec and Parks commissioners chose Live Nation to oversee the Greek, but then the City Council said they'd rather have AEG and Nederlander take control. Live Nation wants to put more money toward renovating and updating the property, but AEG and Nederlander are favored by neighbors.

Now that both proposals have been cast aside, Rec and Parks is planning to hear more about LA running the Greek as an "open venue" (meaning multiple promoters could hold shows there) at a undetermined future meeting.
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