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Watch Seven Los Angeles Landmarks While Stuck at Your Desk

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Many of us spend our days glued to a chair at a desk (if we're lucky!), staring at one screen, then another, liking cool pics, retweeting hilarious jokes, following links posted to Facebook by people we met once, maybe, at this one bar, sucking down advertisements for deodorant and energy drinks all the while, having our movements tracked from one website to another, and our emails scanned by webmail providers, the better to serve us ads in the future, as we drown another day in a sea of content; and while that all happens, there's a big beautiful city happening out there! Waves are crashing, cars are driving, and people are walking, and thanks to the magic of webcams, you can pretend you're right there with them. Here are seven keeping their digital eyes on notable sites around Los Angeles:

Hollywood Boulevard: Tourists take pictures of the sidewalk at Hollywood and Highland.

Hollywood Sign: Birds fly around LA's signature landmark, which overlooks a vast, smoggy expanse.

Santa Monica Pier: Carnival rides and the ocean make you rethink your priorities.

Venice Beach: Segways roll around behind people selling tchotchkes out of tents.

Port of Los Angeles: Ships come and go under the Vincent Thomas Bridge.

Marina Del Rey: A parking lot for boats.

Disneyland: The happiest place you aren't at.

Ian Grant
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