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LA Will Almost Definitely Have a 6.0 Earthquake By 2045

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Is it a carefully-timed ploy or just serendipity that a new trailer for the ridiculous-looking disaster flick San Andreas comes out within a day of a US Geological Survey forecast suggesting that California is more than 99 percent likely to experience a big earthquake in the next 30 years? Let's hope the blockbuster spurs more people to prepare for a whole lotta shaking, because it's definitely coming, says KPCC.

Though Northern California has a slightly higher chance of being rocked by a 6.7 'quake than SoCal does, according to the review—95 percent versus 93 percent—it's the southern segment of the San Andreas (which runs through Palmdale) that's considered the fault "most likely to host a large earthquake" because it's been a while since it last rumbled.

The Los Angeles area specifically has a 96 percent chance of experiencing a magnitude 6.0 'quake in the next 30 years, and a 60 percent chance of a magnitude 6.7 in that same time period. (For reference, 6.7 was the same magnitude as the devastating 1994 Northridge earthquake.) There is a 100 percent chance LA will have a magnitude 5.0 in the next three decades.

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