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Is Traffic Really Getting Worse on the Westside of Los Angeles?

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It will probably never ever feel like traffic is getting better, but is it actually getting worse? Using Caltrans data from 2002 to 2013, Let's Go LA plots the rise and fall of traffic on Westside arterial streets and freeways to see whether or not things are actually as grim as they feel. The overall consensus is: traffic isn't getting much better, but it's also not as bad as it was back in the early aughts in many places. (Yes, there are charts from LGLA that just focus on peak traffic hours, too.)

One thing the charts don't address though, is the complaint from Westsiders who are angry at traffic app Waze for directing more traffic onto smaller side streets; Waze launched in LA in 2010, so it could possibly have taken some cars off the freeways and major roads, but we can't see if it's actually added any to smaller streets.

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