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"Spray-Tanner to the Stars" and Asthmatic Cat at Center of Very Weird Landlord Battle

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Jimmy Jimmy Coco, a West Hollywood "celebrity spray-tanner and former Chippendale's dancer" is suing a West Hollywood City Council candidate named Larry Block, who is also maybe Coco's landlord. Coco, who keeps Ariana Grande golden, claims that Block evicted him unfairly from his home, a converted garage on Block's property, the LA Times reports. Block says the garage conversion is illegal and that Coco wasn't actually supposed to be living there, just using the space for storage. And now the whole thing has come to a head because of Coco's asthmatic cat and WeHo's parking permit system.

The lawsuit alleges that Coco, whose real name is James W. Snyder, established an "oral contract" to rent the unit from Block in June 2014. Though clearly friendly enough to come to a gentleman's agreement about renting a detached room, "The relationship soured when Block declined to get a street parking permit for Snyder's guests, including sitters for his asthmatic cat." Coco had tried to get his own permit, but that was when WeHo informed him that he was living in "illegal bootleg unit." The lawsuit says it was after that that Block tried to evict Coco. The lawsuit also claims that Block installed cameras trained on Coco's rented space (supposedly to watch Coco in a lecherous way) and hit on him repeatedly.

Whether or not the case has legs, the motivations and timing of the suit are perhaps suspect. WeHo's elections are March 3, and Coco's lawyer kindly provided advance copies of the lawsuit to city officials before Block ever saw a copy, he says. Block says that he's not a landlord, explaining "I never signed a lease; I never offered a lease. I never had a 'For Rent' or a 'For Lease' sign on any part of my house." As he tells it, he was letting Coco use the space to store his stuff, not to live in. He also called out the suit as a "bogus lawsuit, a frivolous lawsuit that has no merit whatsoever."
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