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Glassy Hilltop House in Mt. Washington by Case Study House Architects Asks $925k

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In 1947, Kemper Nomland and his son, Kemper Nomland Jr. designed a Case Study House in Pasadena (#10). In 1950, they completed this wonderful little piece of hilltop heaven in Mt. Washington. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom house doesn't waste the view, but uses walls of glass, a large covered patio, and plenty of outdoor nooks to capitalize on it. It's got all the sleek, stylishness of a mid-century house, but doesn't look like it's aged one bit. The "re-imagined" kitchen seems to have been recently updated and shares space with other communal areas. It's listed for $925,000.

· 920 Mavis Drive, Los Angeles 90065 [Redfin]