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Touring Los Feliz's First Boutique Hotel, With Just 5 Rooms

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How did it take so long for a boutique hotel to land in Los Feliz? Who knows, but one has finally arrived in Hotel Covell, a tiny, swank little number just opened above Bar Covell in a 1930s brick building on Hollywood Boulevard. Covell has just five rooms, all suites, all with kitchenettes, and all themed around a fictional character named George Covell. Each suite depicts a "chapter" in George's life, from his childhood in Oklahoma to his totally made up time spent in New York and Paris, to his ascendance to "the status of a rich writer." George had a cool fake life! The hotel comes from Bar Covell's Dustin Lancaster, also behind L&E Oyster Bar in Silver Lake and the Highland Park Brewery, with interior design by Sally Breer. Room service at the hotel is from neighboring Tex-Mex restaurant HomeState (and every stay comes with a bottle of the Covell house wine).

Rooms look to start around $355 a night, with the large Chapter 4 running up to $785 some nights.

Besides the Covells and HomeState, this stretch is already home to an Umami Burger, American Apparel, the beloved Wacko gift shop and its gallery, and Mother Dough pizza, but Lancaster tells the New York Times he's thinking even bigger: "'We can create an entire cohesive brand right here, like a little colony' along the lines of Silver Lake's Sunset Junction nearby."

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