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Rent a Psychedelic Room in the Kitschiest Silver Lake Apartment Ever For $700

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Is the trick to making an admittedly small room look larger in photos to use a fisheye lens? It's certainly worth a try, Craigslist ad. The quarters in question are a furnished room for rent in a Silver Lake two-bedroom where every space bears a striking resemblance to the patterns, colors, and undulations of Deee-Lite's "Groove Is in The Heart." The space is in a 1920s-era, two-building complex with only eight units and it comes fully furnished with a tiny closet, drawers, built-in bookshelves, "zebra fabric and much art on the walls."

The leather chair in the room folds out into a bed, so you're pretty much set. The kitchen and bathroom in the apartment will have to be shared with your new roommate, but the place gets cool points for being in the same complex used in a Miranda July movie (The Future), coming with an adorable dog and cat, and having a tenant who cares enough about personalizing his space to take the time to put fabric on the walls and the ceiling. The rent is just $700.

· $700 $700 Small furnished room for rent in Silver Lake artist apartment (Silver Lake) [Craigslist]