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West Hollywood Thinking About an Outright Ban on Airbnb

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No, you pack your bags, Airbnb: a city task force in West Hollywood has recommended that the city do what Silver Lakers and Venetians before it have tried and failed to do and outright ban short-term vacation rentals. WeHo's Shared Economy Task Force (a real thing) has suggested that the city outlaw all short-term rentals (rooms rented out for less than 30 days), reports Wehoville; short-term renting is already not allowed in residential areas, just as it's against the rules in most of Los Angeles, but there are hundreds of Airbnb listings for WeHo on the site, which is why the task force wants to take the city's stance up a notch. The task force also wants to ask short-term rentals sites to explicitly note in their listings that such rentals are banned in West Hollywood.

Some residents, though, say there should be different rules for homeowners and apartment building owners; the latter have been accused of keeping units empty so they can rent them out on Airbnb for higher prices with greater turnover (renters are generally violating rental agreements when they put their spaces up for short-term rent). Homeowners insist the city doesn't need to ban their short-term rentals, regardless of whether they're already outlawed anyway.
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