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Jay Duplass Buys New, Bigger House in Eagle Rock for $1.76MM

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Writer/director/actor Jay Duplass just listed his house in Eagle Rock, but the neighborhood has certainly got a hold on cocreator (with his brother Mark) of HBO's Togetherness, which is set in Eagle Rock: his new house (via Variety) is just a few blocks away from the one he's leaving behind. The 1929 Spanish Colonial Revival, further north of Colorado than Duplass's last digs, is also larger (3,604 square feet), with six bedrooms; three bathrooms; a covered patio; a working fireplace; a big backyard with pool, spa, and pool house; and a large lot landscaped with drought-tolerant plants, according to the listing. There are probably some upgrades in the stars for this place (the bathrooms are a little 1980s), but overall it's a large, well-kept house that's easy on the eyes. Designed by Harry Hayden Whiteley, the house cost Duplass, who also stars in the excellent Los Angeles show Transparent, $1.76 million.

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