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Insecure NFL Stadium Developer Accuses Other NFL Stadium of Being a Terrorist Target

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Inglewood is gung-ho about its potential new NFL stadium, super-fast-tracking the project so it can sidestep the time-consuming environmental review process, but what about its terrorism review process? The LA Times says that a new report prepared at the request of AEG—whose own professional football stadium proposal in Downtown has lost favor while the Inglewood plan has gained momentum—finds that Inglewood's stadium would basically be an insurgent's dream and the ideal setting for "a terrorist event 'twofer'," here explained as a situation in which a plane from nearby LAX would be made to crash into the stadium, thus causing two times the devastation.

The fearmongering study was conducted by none other than former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, who theoretically knows what he's talking about. Ridge explains that everyone working so hard to get this sitting duck of a sports venue built should be "willing to accept the significant risk and the possible consequences," adding that "This should give both public and private leaders in the area some pause." Two environmental impact reports have been composed for Inglewood stadiums, one before and one after 9/11, and neither one seemed to be worried about this scenario taking place. In fact, the FAA "gave its blessing" to a stadium proposed for the site at about the same height as this one. The NFL has several other stadiums near airports, but didn't have a comment about the Ridge report.

Ridge also worries that because of the size of the development surrounding the proposed stadium—the massive, multi-use development on the former site of Hollywood Park—it would have "a significant risk profile with the potential to produce consequences that will not only impact the airport and region, but global interests." How is that any different from AEG's Farmers Field, which will be located next to LA Live, hotels, residences, the Staples Center, and dozens of shops and eateries? It must just be too far away from the airport to have that special terrorist twofer quality.
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