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Eagle Rock Developers Will Build Around Holdout Barbershop

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Back in December 2011, 1010 Development Corporation—a faith-based firm founded by the United Methodist Church—proposed an affordable housing project on an L-shaped property on Eagle Rock Boulevard between Fair Park Avenue and Yosemite Drive (currently occupied by the Eagle Rock Church of the Nazarene). The only issue was a hold-out: the owner of Hubert's Barber Shop, located in the middle of what would be the development, didn't want to sell. So, 1010 has decided to build around the 500-square-foot shop, says Eastsider LA, and there it is, in the renderings.

The Eagle Rock Church of the Nazarene has agreed to sell to 1010, and the project's grown a bit in the nearly four years it's been in the works. Then just a 30-unit project, it's now planned to have 47 units. Most (32) will be two-bedrooms, but there'll also be some one- and three-bedrooms in the mix. The complex will also have a 2,120-square-foot community center, 59 underground spaces for resident parking, and 16 street-level parking spaces for residents' guests and people coming to the community center. The renderings and site plan are not final, but are "99 percent finalized," so it's probably not going to change noticeably, if at all.

As far back as the project's been in the pipeline, 1010 has said it would give Hubert's space in the new building or build around it. Now, the latter's upon us and it doesn't look so bad. It's actually pretty cool—the old and the new. Hubert's has been in business for 20 years; why stop now?

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