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10 Tiny, Weird, and Awesome Los Angeles Vacation Rentals

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Welcome to Curbed's Micro Week, five days' worth of stories, photos, and tiny floorplans that celebrate the grand tradition of small-space living.

↑ Glamorous camping (a.k.a "glamping") is the name of the game with this elaborate tent on a property withint the boundaries of Topanga State Park. This tent, referred to as the Lotus Belle in the listing, is like a big bubble-shaped tent with a pointy circus tent topper. The tent is tall enough for several people to stand up in, and the floor is covered with plush-looking rugs. The tent is located in the property's garden, surrounded by produce and fruit trees. It rents for an average of $100 a night.

↑ When was the last time anyone saw a trailer with a tile counter? This 1954 Prairie Schooner camper has lots of little luxuries, like a full kitchen, a leather sofa, gleaming wood interiors, and a full bath (the tub's tiny, but it's in there). Dogs are allowed, and will have a big yard to run around in. Altadena, tucked into the San Gabriel Mountains, is a good jumping-off point for hiking the area's many trails, and this glamper is perfect for post-hike retreat. It rents for $96.

↑ When you decide to buckle down and finally write and record your folk album, this Silver Lake cabin is here for you. Looking like a catalog for handmade, exorbitantly-priced housewares that only come in earth tones, the one-bedroom cabin has imported Moroccan tiles in the shower, a little porch and patio, and internet. House rules are simple: "No Smoking. No getting weird." It rents for $115.

↑ The adventurous will be rewarded at this Mt. Washington yurt. If you were bold enough to rent a yurt for any amount of time, don't turn up your nose at the composting toilet (because it doesn't smell, apparently), or the awesome freedom of basically taking care of business in the outdoors. You're on vacation! Be someone else: poop outside and don't check Facebook even once. Rent it for $98.

↑ How did they get this trailer on the roof? Is this Arts District shelter from the past—or from the FUTURE?! Whatever its origins, its high vantage point makes it one of a kind. The trailer sleeps two and is charging those new AD prices—$300.

↑ This super tiny freestanding cottage in Whittier is so cute, we just want to slap it. The little wooden house is just big enough for a bed and a bathroom, but if you're going to be out and about all day, what more do you really need? There's no kitchen, but the cottage has WiFi, so you can Yelp a restaurant or order food online. Live a little! (Get it? Little? Because the house is little.) The place rents for $108.

↑ Wonderfully restored and incredibly well-maintained, this vintage trailer in Venice looks very fancy inside. The wood interior gives everything a very sleek, chic look, and the small windows do a great job of keeping the place bright. Lots of things inside (the stove, the fridge) are just decorative; there are useable appliances and a restroom in a special area of the patio. The owners appear to have two other trailers on the property that they rent out, so you might have company. The 1960s trailer rents for $99.

↑ If the Phantom of the Opera wanted to take an outdoorsy vacation, he'd probably rent this Glassell Park yurt, because it has a Wurlitzer organ inside. It's not a pipe organ, but come on, this is camping—rough it. The yurt is surrounded by 30 fruit trees and shares the back yard with a "mobile chicken coop," but mentions nothing of roosters, so there shouldn't be any early morning noise. The yurt contains a wood-burning stove to keep you cozy at night; the bathroom and shower are outdoors—liberating! It rents for $81.

↑ If only someone would combine the fun of sleeping in a treehouse with the safe, bugless environment of the indoors. DONE. This "floating room" is inside an artist's loft in Lincoln Heights. Take a ladder/staircase up to your one-room loft hovering eight feet off the ground. Inside, there's a real bed that sleeps two and art on the wall. The kitchen and bathroom are, of course, shared with the loft owner. It rents for $55.

↑ This "secluded African-style" tent setup in Malibu involves a canvas tent worthy of a very affluent Boy Scout troop, covered with another swath of canvas that acts as a shade and shelter from the elements. Not quite as rustic as one might expect, the tent includes a sleigh-style bed, an en-suite bathroom, and a solar-heated shower. The tent has its own deck and is surrounded by orchards of lemons and avocados (that's halfway to guacamole!). It rents for an average of $95 a night.)

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