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Beyoncé and Jay Z: Here Are 10 Houses in Los Angeles You Should Absolutely Buy

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Word got out that they were moving to Los Angeles, and Beyoncé and Jay Z soon ended up back in their rental from last summer. They may have had a place ready to settle into if the creator of Minecraft hadn't outbid them on the flashy Beverly Hills spec house they were reportedly checking out. From these two residences, we can surmise that they're looking for something large, expensive, and contemporary. Here, then, is a very specific houses-to-buy guide for music's First Couple. So, not quite what we would pick, if we were house hunting in LA, but this isn't about us. Seriously, if you are not Beyoncé or Jay Z, what follows will be of no practical use to you whatsoever.

Curbed National has the Bey and Jay homebuying guide >>