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Tour a 930-Square-Foot Dream Bungalow in Larchmont Village

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Welcome to a special Micro Week edition of House Calls, a new feature in which Curbed tours the lovely, offbeat, or otherwise awesome homes of regular Angelenos. Think your space should be featured next? Drop us a line with a few photos and details about your place.

Photos courtesy the owners

Who lives here?
Kate (manager skin care salon) & Michael (banker)

What're the stats?
2 bedrooms / 1 bath / 930 sq. ft (house) with garage and deck/patio (garden)

What did it cost?
Cost $515,000 (before the renovations)

How long have you been here?
2.5 years

How'd you end up here?
After renting and saving for 10+ years, a good friend who happens to do our taxes introduced us to his client who is a realtor in the area. We originally bid on a house near Fairfax High, lost it and then heard about this house, drove by and made an offer shortly after.

Was it hard moving into such a small space? Did you have to do anything to cut back or accommodate less?
Our 2 bedroom tower apartment in Park LaBrea was slightly bigger but luckily we are not pack rats so it was not difficult. Since the home was built in 1920, even for the size, the closet space was minimal so we did increase it in both bedrooms.

What's the best feature of your place?
Being from cooler and damper climates (New York and Ireland), we never grow tired of sitting on the deck enjoying the beautiful Los Angeles weather. In the summer, we enjoy having friends over for a barbecue before heading to Hollywood Forever Cemetery to catch a movie.

What's the worst feature?
We love the character and look of the original hardwood floor but after all of these years the flooring could be thicker.

What are the upsides and downsides of having such a small place?
The upside is that we feel extremely fortunate to live in such a beautiful home and the minor downside is the bedrooms could be larger.

What's your approach to decorating?
We mix and match to reflect our personal style and passions. We try to find pieces that remind us of happy memories such as a keepsake from a travel destination. Recently we framed a collage of old concert tickets stubs we attended over the years and found a great looking Hollywood Bowl lithograph on eBay. For the vintage light fixture above our kitchen table which we love, someone we knew was selling it for a fair price so we grabbed it and glad we did.

Any crazy/interesting stories about your place or living here?
When we first moved in and joined the local neighborhood association, we received an e-mail warning that there were gunshots in the area and within minutes received another e-mail that it was related to a police television show being filmed and all was well.

If you could have any living situation in LA, what would it be?
We think we have the ideal living situation since we have a beautiful home with wonderful neighbors who look out for one another and also enjoy being close to Larchmont Village and our jobs.

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