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Visit Almost Every LA Landmark in Two and a Half Minutes

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There obviously is no way anyone would be able to get to all the iconic Los Angeles spots featured in this short video in just two and a half minutes. Even shooting it all in one day, as the filmmakers did here, seems like it must have been exhausting. But the result juxtaposes and weaves together some great LA landmarks in an order we'd probably never see them—the tunnels of the 110 Freeway followed by the Venice sign followed by USC, for example. The video does spend a little bit more time than necessary on some spots that could have been one-and-done (a LOT of USC in here), and, with the exception of Exposition Park, ignores South LA and its iconic structures, like the Watts Towers or Randy's Donuts. But overall, it's still a nice little mashup of some of LA's greatest hits.

· A Day In: Los Angeles [YouTube]