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Angry Neighbor Serves LA City Council Candidate a Tree-Pruning Lawsuit Mid-Debate

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Election season has certainly churned out some really interesting legal tiffs—it's not every day that a celeb spray tanner sues a West Hollywood City Council candidate—and we can add another one to the pile now: the race for the Los Angeles City Council seat to be vacated by the always-interesting Tom LaBonge instantly heated up last night when a candidate was served with a lawsuit about tree pruning in the middle of a debate hosted by the Laurel Canyon Association, NBC 4 reports.

Hollywood Hills resident and Council District 4 candidate Sheila Irani was handed the paper in which her neighbor charges that "last summer either Irani or someone working on her behalf cut down 10 conifer trees on his property and that a dozen other trees were severely pruned." When the neighbor confronted Irani about the illegal chopping originally, she allegedly told him, "I am not going to let your trees mess up the view of my $3.4 million home." (That's an oddly specific number considering the house hasn't sold since at least 1993, although the deed has changed hands.)

It's not clear how much the neighbor is suing for, though the lawsuit does say that it cost $46,700 to replace the chopped-down trees and the ones that were "severely pruned" lost "at least $50,000" in tree value. The lawsuit also noted creepy repercussions (or possibly just a nasty attempt at defamation?), noting that now Irani's "assorted male guests ... can and do look directly into plaintiff's daughter's room."
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