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Los Angeles Metro Buses About to Start Testing Out Wifi

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WiFi's headed to Metro subway lines around Los Angeles bit by bit, starting later this year, and LADOT's testing out WiFi on select buses right now (tweeting out the lines that have internet like winning lotto numbers), but what about getting the many Metro buses wired? WiFi for buses was briefly mentioned along with a host of other possible tech projects last spring, but now LAist says it's really coming: Metro will begin putting WiFi on "up to nine" buses in the coming months to give the new tech a test drive.

A Metro spokesman says that Metro's Executive Management Committee will be discussing the testing in their upcoming meeting, but won't be doing much more than talking; the rep also says that this is all in pretty early stages. The meeting agenda notes that Metro will be keeping track of "customer usage, coverage, reliability and potential for expansion" over an additional three months following the quarter in which the testing goes live. If all goes well after that, hopefully there'll be more information about how long it might take for a full rollout of a systemwide program for internet on buses.
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