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Glendale YMCA Adding Affordable Housing Just For Artists

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Glendale's YMCA will be getting a new neighbor: 70 units of affordable housing aimed at housing artists and their families. The project would rise on about half of the 2.2-acre grounds of the Glendale YMCA, says the Daily News. Residents would have to be working artists who make 60 percent or less of median area income, and the building is set to have amenities befitting creative types, like art studios, as well as an open-to-the-public ground-floor gallery and art classes. The $31-million project is expected to open by the fall of 2016.

These are going to be some super-fit artists, living next to the Y. Already underway are plans to add more parking and renovate the 1970s building to add a new lobby, coffee and juice bar, rooms for meetings and exercise, and to spruce up the handball courts and running track on the roof. The influx of artists may be just the thing to "cool" the place up—something that a certain disgruntled young Glendale resident thinks it desperately needs.
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