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Foursquare Church Selling 14 Properties in Heart of Echo Park

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Echo Park's Foursquare Church is most closely associated with the Angelus Temple near Echo Park Lake, but they've actually got a pretty large real estate portfolio that up until recently included the popular Montecito Heights hiking spot Flat Top (Foursquare sold it so it could become a park). Looks like they're now trying to offload even more of their holdings, Eastsider LA reports, and have listed 14 properties around Echo Park, all located within a four-block radius of the Temple.

Four vacant lots are up for sale, including two empty lots on Glendale and Park Avenues, respectively, that will likely be hot sellers. (Who doesn't want a lake view?) A variety of residential buildings and one commercial structure—a white building with signage for a print shop just north of Alvarado and Sunset—are also up for grabs. It's not an "Everything Must Go!" situation, though, and the Angelus Temple building itself, plus the Citibank Tower next to the Brite Spot, which holds the church's head offices and some other office tenants, have not been put up for sale.