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WeHo's PickUp Line Party Trolley is Expanding Service

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Since launching in August 2013, West Hollywood's free weekend party shuttle, the PickUp Line, has been a big success. So successful that the WeHo City Council has just voted to broaden the popular shuttle's service from its current route along Santa Monica Boulevard between Fairfax and Robertson, to one that stretches between La Brea and Robertson, says the Beverly Press. Riders will also have more days to take advantage of the fun bus. Previously available only on Friday and Saturday nights, the shuttle will soon offer rides on Sunday nights and holidays. The maiden voyage of the holiday service will be on February 17 for Mardi Gras. All aboard!

It'll be about six to eight months before the route expansion to La Brea goes into effect, because that depends on how long it takes the party bus operator, American GTS, to get the additional shuttle it will need to accommodate the expansion and work through the logistics. Sunday service won't start until Memorial Day weekend in May, and then it will be operating on a 90-day "trial run."

The PickUp Line saw an average of 1,200 boardings on weekends in its first year, says a economic development analyst working for WeHo who is overseeing the shuttle. The shuttle offers not just a free ride and a break from worrying about parking, but also an onboard DJ, which really drives home the party-bus atmosphere.
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