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Very Modest Home of Renowned War and Celebrity Photographer Phil Stern For Sale For $625k

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"I was never interested in the glamour," famed photographer Phil Stern told the media in 1993 about his work documenting Hollywood stars. "I was interested in the tears and agony behind it." With that in mind, it's easy to see how Stern's Larchmont home might be a little shabby, because who cares about glamour? The one-bedroom, one-bathroom house, if it's just as Stern left it (and it seems like it is, more or less), certainly looks like it elevated function over form, from the collapsible bed shoved into the closet to the floor-to-ceiling cubbies and shelves in what looks like Stern's office.

Stern famously photographed both war scenes during World War II and, later, Hollywood celebs including Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, and Jack Lemmon; he died in December 2014. Keeping Stern's legacy in mind, the listing makes a halfhearted attempt to advocate for sparing what it calls a "Slice of history, early Hollywood landmark," when it invites potential buyers to "Restore and live in the home of a legend or tear down and build." The 664-square-foot house, with a possibly illegal second backyard dwelling, is asking $625,000.

· 5147 La Vista Ct., Los Angeles, CA 90004 [Curbed LA]