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Unbuilt Beverly Crest Spec House Will Cost $45 Million, Have $12k Coffee Maker

Images via Jay Belson Luxury Development
Images via Jay Belson Luxury Development

When they're trying to attract the kind of person who might buy a spec house that costs tens of millions of dollars (or hundreds of millions of dollars), developers have to put some ridiculously over-the-top extras in to set their lavish megamansion apart from all the other lavish megamansions. In-home IMAX theaters, $5,000 toilets—this is the class of amenity these homes have to offer. And so this not-yet-constructed spec megamansion joins the ranks, offering a $12,000 coffee maker and an indoor bowling alley, says the Wall Street Journal.

The house will begin construction in March 2016, after developers Jay Belson and Michael Palumbo raze the existing house on the lot, which they bought for $8.05 million in May. Construction should last about 18 months. Once complete, the 15,600-square-foot mansion will have seven bedrooms, an in-home theater with seating for 20, and a "'wellness center' with a massage room, gym and lockers."

That built-in, $12,000 "coffee station"? It's controlled by an iPad and "dispenses hot and cold water and milk." (That's it?) The non-drought-conscious house will also have multiple water features and an infinity pool that will spill over into one of the water features. The pricetag for the estate (which will come furnished) will be $45 million.

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