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AT&T and Google Both Want to Bring Super-Fast Internet to LA

Los Angeles may have some of the slowest, most expensive internet in the world, but super-fast, relatively affordable internet is on the way to save us all. AT&T announced yesterday that they're bringing their GigaPower fiber internet service to Los Angeles, with one-gigabit-per-second speeds coming first to two fancy apartment communities in Downtown—Eighth & Grand and Hanover's Grand Avenue complex—and then to the rest of us plebs in 2016, says City News Service. Then there's also news today that Google is looking into bringing Google Fiber, their gigabit internet service, to Los Angeles, says The Verge.

For both Google and AT&T, Los Angeles is the biggest area they've tried to conquer with speedy internet. Just how fast would this internet be? "AT&T's GigaPower service will allow users to download 25 songs in less than one second, television shows in about three seconds and HD movies in under 36 seconds," a rep for the company said at a press conference at City Hall announcing the campaign. Since Google Fiber has the same gigabit-per-second speed as GigaPower, we can assume that it would be able to do the same.

AT&T's committed to coming to LA, but Google's still checking things out. (They're also looking into providing the service in Chicago.) The next step will be for them to go through their "usual checklist" to see if it's even feasible to bring their fiber to the city. The fact that Google is still in the exploratory phase on their efforts means that there's no real timetable yet of when that sweet, sweet Google Fiber might be available—if it's even determined that a rollout is possible at all.

Speaking about AT&T's plan to bring gigabit internet to LA, Mayor Garcetti referred to the service as "affordable." In other cities where GigaPower is available, it costs about $70; that's what Google Fiber costs as well.
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