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This Was the Warmest Fall on Record in Most of Los Angeles

As we move into the winter, it seems like fall didn't even bother this year. October was the hottest on record for Los Angeles (by quite a bit), with average temperatures 4 degrees hotter than the hottest October before that. September was pretty steamy, too, says the National Weather Service, so even though November temperatures were "farily close to normal," the hotter months worked to make this past fall "one of the warmest ... if not the warmest" falls on record for Southern California and most parts of Los Angeles.

This year, Downtown LA tied a 1983 record for warmest fall ever, while out in the Valley Woodland Hills and Burbank beat their previous records by less than a full degree Fahrenheit. Back in November, it was reported that The Blob, a huge mass of warm water sitting in the ocean off the coast, was contributing to the warming because it cut down on the marine layer or breezes coming in off the ocean to help cool things off. Whatever the reason, this fall offered distressingly few instances of sweater weather.

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