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Rent a Suite in the Classic Real World: Los Angeles House For $145 a Night

Old school fans of MTV's long-running reality show The Real World might recognize this room right away, but for the rest of us, this is the master bedroom of the Venice house that was home to the cast of the second season, which filmed back in 1993, long before the show was overtaken by compulsory jobs and binge drinking. The Real World was very young but it had a killer formula: take strangers who would probably not ever be friends, put them together in a house, wait for drama (in the case of the Los Angeles season, most of that drama was courtesy of Tami and Beth S.). During filming, this room was transformed into the Orange Room; now it's called the Mountain Beach House Suite and is up for rent through Airbnb, Los Angeles magazine says.

It's probably a pretty popular rental, with or without the ties to reality TV history: located just a few blocks from the sand, the 700-square-foot suite has a private balcony, access to a 400-square-foot deck, and an incredible bathroom with a walk-in shower, a tub, and his-and-hers sinks. It rents for $145 a night.

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