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The Most Outrageous Amenities LA Had to Offer in 2015

It's the end of December, when according to tradition we make up a bunch of awards and hand them out to all the best, worst, and shitshowiest of things that happened in Los Angeles this year. These are your 2015 Curbed Awards.

↑ Multi-million-dollar mansions have a daunting challenge. What can an estate give the buyer who has pretty much everything? There are plenty of luxurious mansions and condo buildings that are getting creative, and this year they offered some pretty unique and very insane extras. Take this mansion—the place has gold leaf details throughout (even in the elaborately tiled pool), fancy molding, a wine cave, and 12,000 square feet of space. But where the Beverly Hills residence really excels is in the security department, as it also has "a safe room lined with bullet-resistant Kevlar."

↑ This spec house in Beverly Crest hasn't even been built yet, but when it's complete, it will have seven bedrooms, a bowling alley, and an indoor theater. Pretty ho-hum. The really ridiculous amenity here is the mansion's $12,000 coffeemaker. That must be some AMAZING coffee it makes. The "coffee station" will be controlled by an iPad, and "dispenses hot and cold water and milk," but that alone somehow doesn't seem worth all that cash.

↑ Where to even begin? In a way, this entire $500-million estate is not so much a place to live as it is a collection of over-the-top amenities and features, like the 30-car garage and the "Monaco-style casino." But the most mindboggling amenity here is probably the estate's four pools, one of which is in the basement. (The natatorial quartet, explained by the project's builder, spec megamansion mogul Nile Niami: "Why would you not need four swimming pools?")

↑ For the well-to-do homebuyer with $115 million burning a hole in his undoubtedly luxurious pocket, there is this (unbuilt) 57,000-square-foot, 15-room megamansion in Bel Air. Set to be constructed as part of a collection of similarly lavish mansions, this one will come with its own bowling alley, two pools, full-service spa and esthetician room, and multiple elevators. But the two real stand-out features here are the auto gallery that is accessible by car through an underground tunnel, and the art vault—perfect for storing all of the cultural treasures that you want to own but not necessarily look at all the time.

↑ This very unusual Malibu house has a lot of "Old World craftsmanship" going on, from its Gothic spire windows to its handmade tiles. The most decadent amenity here is not the orchid house on the property (though that's a close second), but the waterfall-shower grotto, which looks to be the size of a powder room, but is covered in tiles the colors of the sea and dotted with stone features, as if this were just some naturally occurring, handsome cave with a shower in it. Truly one of a kind.

↑ South Park's Ten50 building is ready for the future of home deliveries, as it's outfitted with the "first-ever" drone landing pad on the building's sixth-floor amenity deck.
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