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That Guy Who Sings That Song Bought a Rustic Spread in Malibu

This sweet spread in Malibu has a new owner in founder/guitarist/vocalist Aaron Bruno of the pop-rock band Awolnation (they have that song "Sail" famous for its appearance in the catfail video below). Bruno, who grew up near Thousand Oaks, paid $1.65 million for the place, the LA Times reports. The nearly-10-acre grounds include the 2,400-square-foot main house with three bedrooms and bathrooms, a detached studio, and a guesthouse. Built in 1980 and well-preserved, it features lots and lots of cedar wood and is probably in need of a stylistic update. The house was listed last year for $2.25 million and was more recently priced at $1.795 million, says the Times, so Bruno got a bit of a deal.

· AWOLNation's Aaron Bruno lands a 10-acre retreat in Malibu [LAT]
· 31350 Mulholland Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265 [Zillow]