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Curbed Cup Second Round Results: The Final Four, Revealed!

The second round of voting in the Curbed Cup tournament for Los Angeles's 2015 Neighborhood of the Year is now over and the standings are ... well, a little boring. This round was all about the less interesting, lower-seeded neighborhoods knocking out the ones that had far more notable years. Pacoima, which has been a surprising powerhouse, defeated first seed Watts; it will now go on to the Final Four to face Crenshaw, which has taken out Skid Row. West Adams has obviously mobilized this year, and so had no trouble dispensing with third seed Frogtown, and Inglewood—the neighborhood that did nothing but talk about an NFL stadium all year without ever actually getting the go-ahead to build one—won out over Boyle Heights, a locus and microcosm of LA's gentrification battles in 2015. C'est la guerre!
· Curbed Cup 2015 [Curbed LA]