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Why Can't Uber and Lyft Make Pickups at LAX During the Holiday Travel Season?

Ride-hailing apps Uber and Lyft have been approved to pick up passengers at LAX since the summer, but they aren't actually able to do it yet, since they still need to get the appropriate permits—and here we are at the holiday travel season. Deadlines have been repeatedly pushed back and, in October, it was reported that Uber was causing a hold-up, moving too slowly on turning in the documents the city required to grant them the permits to collect passengers at the airport. (Right now they're only allowed to drop off there.) Now, says KPCC, it looks like no one has any idea when Uber and Lyft might be allowed to make pickups at LAX.

Both companies have been trying to apply for permits to pick up at the airport since July, but as part of the application, they have to show that they have "geo-fence technology" that would only send pickup requests to drivers who are waiting in a special holding area (to avoid curbside pile-ups) and limit the overall number of cars allowed at the airport (much the way that taxi companies already do). Unfortunately, this part seems to be difficult, and "Uber, Lyft and airport officials could not say when the applications are likely to be completed." Not great news to hear as the holidays bring what's estimated to be the nation's heaviest traffic to LAX.
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