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Tail O' the Pup Hot Dog Stand Will Return to La Cienega and Get a Replica Downtown

A comeback's been in the cards for the recently restored Tail O' the Pup hot dog stand since last fall, when the family of the Pup's long-time proprietor, Eddie Blake, announced that the "mimetic" hot dog was up for sale, throwing in their recipe and the Pup's trademark as part of the deal. It was rumored that Grove and American owner Rick Caruso was the first in line to make an offer to buy the sausage stand, and wanted it to reopen at one of his shopping centers, but now there are new plans. Los Angeles magazine reports that not only is the Pup set to return to a spot on La Cienega, but there's going to be a second giant hot dog at The Bloc shopping center in Downtown.

According to the magazine, "The Blake family recently partnered with Killer Shrimp [restaurant] owners Kevin Michaels and Brett Doherty to reinstate the Pup on La Cienega in early 2016; they're also opening a replica downtown at the Bloc next year." Located in the Financial District, The Bloc has been planning for its own big return since a comprehensive makeover on the formerly fortress-like retail complex got underway about a year ago.

The Tail O' the Pup—originally located at La Cienega and Beverly and, more recently, on San Vicente—was erected in 1946. It shuttered in 2005.