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Carson Trying to Call Dibs on All Land Surrounding Proposed NFL Stadium Site

While NFL team owners continue to ruminate on the potential relocation of up to three NFL franchises to Los Angeles (they'll maybe vote on it in January), the city of Carson is starting to act like it's already a done deal. If everything goes according to plan, their $1.7-billion stadium will entice not one, but two NFL teams to share the new facility. And even though that hasn't happened yet, the city of Carson is already turning its attention to the land surrounding the stadium. At a Tuesday night meeting, city officials are expected to propose a moratorium on all development nearby the planned stadium, reports the City News Service.

Carson has already shown the Chargers and Raiders all the amenities they have planned for their stadium with a slick promo video narrated by Kiefer Sutherland himself. As fans arrive at the 157-acre facility, they'll be able to valet their car, do a little tailgating in an "authentic farmers market" or head up to the 56,000-square-foot bar overlooking the game. (Unfortunately, new renderings did do away with the planned 120-foot tower that shot out lightning and fire, but the Carson NFL stadium remains pretty well-stocked inside.) Who's not going to want to build near this gem?

So, in an effort to stop the inevitable free-for-all of development nearby the future football stadium, Carson wants to put 600 acres of surrounding land under a development moratorium. City officials hope that this would give them a "breathing space" when planning the development of all that soon to be red-hot real estate adjacent to the brand new football stadium. The land to the north, east, and west of the facility is expected to fall under the moratorium.

With this moratorium in place, the city of Carson will pretty much get to create a new neighborhood from scratch. Mayor Albert Robles says that for Carson to "reach our dreams", they have to be careful in these early stages with what the city allows on the land surrounding the stadium. Robles was not very specific on what the Carson of his dreams looks like, but says the city would work with investors and planners to create "tremendous projects that are compatible with the stadium." Maybe this is where they plan on putting that 120-foot tower that shoots lightning and fire.

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