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Mapping Los Angeles's Most Popular 'Hoods For Millennials

For decades, housing in Los Angeles has been unaffordable for young people, but they've got to live somewhere, and a new map zeroes in on exactly which neighborhoods these cash-strapped youths are choosing to call home. The chart from commercial real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle (via Bisnow), uses US Census information and their own research to pinpoint the LA neighborhoods where there are large groupings of "working" Millennials, and where they outnumber Baby Boomers. Millennials significantly outnumber Boomers (by more than 10 percent) in three Los Angeles neighborhoods: Playa Vista, Hollywood, and Downtown.

"Many of LA's popular neighborhoods reflect a similar breakdown of city-wide percentages of 25 percent millennials to 21 percent boomers," says JLL. Not sure what they mean by "popular" here, but maybe they're talking about neighborhoods like Echo Park, Silver Lake, and Los Feliz, where Millennials narrowly outnumber Boomers 27 percent to 22 percent. Over in Santa Monica, where living expenses are notoriously high, it's no surprise that Boomers account for 26 percent of residents while Millennials make up about 24 percent.