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First Look at the 32-Story Tower That Could Be Headed Next to Capitol Records in Hollywood

Last week we heard that the 21-story tower proposed for a Hollywood corner next to the Capitol Records Building had had a major growth spurt as developers decided to raise its height to a lanky 32 stories. Now we're getting our first look at what those 30-plus stories might look like, thanks to an environmental report for the 6220 West Yucca project (via Urbanize LA). The 32-story mixed-use tower would include a variety of residences, as well as hotel rooms and, at street level, some commercial space.

Floors 13 through 30 would hold a total of 168, large, one- and two-bedroom units (between 1,060 and 1,130 square feet); floors 31 and 32 would be divided to create 12 even larger "suites" (1,950 to 2,100 square feet). Plans also call for a six-story building at Yucca and Vista Del Mar Avenue that would have 11 additional one-bedroom units "in the midst of a landscaped courtyard." (That building would be purely residential.)

Many of the tower's amenities (like the a pool deck) would be available to residents as well as hotel guests. The hotel part of the tower would spans floors six through 12, and hold 260 rooms. At street level, there will be 7,000 square feet of commercial space, plus a 1,380-square-foot space in a "partially subterranean" floor that would be entered from Argyle Avenue, and 5,600 square feet for retail and restaurant uses on Yucca Street.

Parking for all this will be in a six-level parking garage with 456 spaces in a podium at the base of the tower. (Five levels above-grade, one underground.)

Construction is anticipated to begin in 2017, with completion projected for 2021, though the project from developers Riley Realty LP will require a few approvals before it can get built, and then there's the anti-development Hollywood lawsuit crowd to deal with.

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