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Mapping All of Los Angeles's Road Deaths Over Nearly a Decade

This attractive map tells a pretty sobering story—first posted at Metrocosm (Via Citylab), the interactive map shows every person who died in a vehicle crash from 2004 to 2013. the map uses information from the Department of Transportation's Fatality Analysis Reporting System and turns each death into a little icon, based on whether the person was a man, woman, or child, and also color codes the fatalities to show whether the victim was a car driver or passenger, a pedestrian (who've gotten their own collision map), or a bicyclist.

When the map is zoomed in to a certain degree, an option pops up to highlight deaths where alcohol, speeding, and driver distractedness were factors (sometimes it's more than one). As noted at Metrocosm, these three aren't the only factors in collisions that are tracked by FARS, but they are notable players in crashes because "assuming these things are under the control of the driver, many of these crashes should be preventable."

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